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Amber Champagne Horses

Champagne horses with a bay base color are called amber champagne. Amber champagne horses are usually a golden tan with dark brown manes, tails and points (compared with the classic champagne which usually have points the same color as the body). 

Amber champagnes are often mistakenly classified as buckskin or dun, although they are actually genetically and phenotypically distinct from both of these. They have brown points with no primitive dun markings (such as dorsal stripes and leg barrings). They also have pink skin with freckles. Their eyes are blue or whitish at birth and turn to amber or hazel after about three months. Amber champagne used to be called buckskin champagne, but this name does rather encourage confusion with true buckskins, which amber champagnes are not.

Sweet Champagne
Sugar Champagne Lace
The Champagne Pusher
Shesa Champagne Cosy coat sheen

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