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Study Guides For Sale
By experienced teacher, examiner and published author. Absolute bargain.
£2.50 each inc. p&p
or £4 for both
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin

Use these study guides to help you improve your exam grades and coursework essays. 

"Despite the importance of exams in today’s society most people aren't aware of study and exam techniques essential for success."

Learn How To 

  • Revise Effectively
  • Reduce Exam Stress
  • Learn Better Exam Techniques
  • Achieve Higher Exam Marks

"This is a great information for anyone needing help passing exams!" 

Jane S., Gloucester

"I found this really useful and I'm going to send a copy to my sister. She's great with homework, but struggles when it comes to passing exams."  Mike P., Cardiff

Study guides by HE professional & published author with over 28 years experience of teaching, examining & writing.

Don't Leave Success to Chance!

Exam Excellence Guide

Whatever you want to do in life you'll almost certainly need to take exams at some time. 

School, college or university, evening classes, vocational qualifications or learning to drive: exams find their way into so many parts of our lives. 

Getting good grades can open doors, for you to follow the path you want.

"I’ve marked thousands of exam papers. I've seen students making the same mistakes I did as a student, and inventing others that hadn't occurred to me! Under exam stress students often make easily avoidable mistakes – and they loose marks as a consequence. I've produced this study guide to help you prepare well and avoid mistakes. Whatever subjects you're studying, at whatever level and for whatever purpose."

Exam & Essay Writing Guides Together For Only £4

Essay Writing Guide

"I have been recommended by a friend to order your book 'Above Average Essay Writing' by Heather E. Ryndaws. She found it very useful for essay writing for her Open University Degree"  Margaret B., High Wycombe

Enhance Your

  • Ability 
  • Effectiveness
  • Coursework essays
  • Exam essays
  • Grades

Learn About

  • How to Structure Your Essays
  • Preparation and Research
  • How to use References
  • The Importance of Editing
  • Exam Essays

"I was really struggling with my college essays but your guide is helping me to improve them. Thank you."

Neil D., Peterborough

"To do anything well you have to know how."

Send me a private message with your name and address, saying if you want the exam and revision guide, the essay writing guide or both.  

£2.50 each including post & packing.

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Get Both Guides Together For Only £4

These Guides are printed, but both are also available electronically...

Essay Guide

Exam Guide

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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." BB King