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Notice to Remaining Horse Genetics Diploma Students

Hello and a Happy 2016!

I’m planning to retire from teaching the horse genetics diploma course in about 12 months or so time (it is now 01/02/2016).

There are just a few students who’ve been on the course quite a while without quite getting around to finishing (I’ve stopped taking new students). For these I’m paying subscriptions to IACE, otherwise I’d be happy to stay on for them indefinitely.

I've managed to email most of you, but two of you have changed your contact details and I've not been able to contact you.

Could you please let me know if you’re planning to finish the course - and let me have a new email address if you've changed the current one?

I'm really happy with the coursework I've gotten from you  and most of you have only the project to complete.

Good luck with those projects!