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Free Articles For
Horsey Newsletters And Ezines

If you'd like to use the odd article from for your offline newsletters or magazines, or for your ezines, you're welcome to. All I ask is that you please state the source ( and author (Dr. Glynis Giddings). For Ezines also link to the site homepage. Thank you!  

Please don't reproduce articles on other websites, thanks.

If you're stuck here's how to link to horse genetics (scroll about 2/3 down the page).

A couple of simple things to please keep in mind...

1. I can only give permission for articles to be used if they are written by myself, obviously. Where another author has written an article I can not give permission for its use.

2. You can use photos if, AND ONLY IF, they clearly belong to myself and you say so. If in doubt please ask. Other contributors have given their photos to the website willingly, but you'll have to get permission from them before using their photos.

Thank you,