gold champagne horses

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Champagne horses with a chestnut base color are called gold champagne. Gold champagne horses resemble palominos, having a golden color coat. They may have a white mane & tail, or these may be gold colored too. Probably this depends on whether the flaxen gene is also present, but I don’t think this has been properly tested yet.

Gold champagnes are often referred to as pink, pumpkin or wheaten skinned palominos and usually registered as palomino. Sometimes their coat has a pinkish hue not normally seen in palominos. However the resemblance to palomino is purely in the phenotype (external appearance) as they do not have the cream dilution allele (CCr).

One horse – the American Cream Draft Horse seems to have been started in 1911 with a gold champagne mare called 'Old Granny', who is apparently the foundation dam of ninety-eight percent of all the horses now registered by the American Cream Draft Horse Association.

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