Sweet Champagne

Sweet Champagne

Sweet Champagne is a 1996 amber champagne 7/8 Arab mare, aka "Freckles". Her owner, Carolyn Shepard desrcibes the day she first met her: “Freckles is one of those rare finds - I was in the right place at the right time - just as this beautiful amber champagne poked her head out of a stall door. My first words as I saw her were, "Uh Oh." I knew she needed to live with me.” Many thanks to Carolyn for sharing with us this photo of her lovely mare.

Freckles produced a beautiful filly, Avila Bay, in 2000. She produced an amber champagne filly, Champagne Sweetheart, in 2001, and an amber champagne colt, Champagne Ambassador, in 2002 - both of the champages were sired by Creme Carmel.

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