Dartmoor pony Trew

Roseashes Trew

Trew is a lovely natured and correct Dartmoor pony.
12 hand 2 inches high (127 cm), black, 5 years old
ground ties for his photo

ground ties for his photo

Trew on the pedestal

Teaching a horse to mount the pedestal is more than just a cute trick. It adds a little to their courage and precision, and is a good start for teaching ground tying("parking"). It starts them learning to think, instead of just reacting, which is always a useful quality in the flighty horse. This one is made from a half barrel filled with concrete. However you make a pedestal it must be sturdy and safe.

leg lifting on the pedestal

Horses enjoy being elevated and some rather like to stay up there and look around, once they've got used to the idea of getting on.

Leg lifting is first taught from the ground.

TrainingTrew Video

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Horses often find flags scarey

but Trew soon adapted


and here

title photo


Trew is a friendly fellow. I was training Tyra one misty morning and Trew came and joined in!

title photo


Saying "hi" through the car window!