Trailer Loading Your Horse - Take Away the Stress!

Has trailer loading your horse turned into horsey hell?

If you've been around horses for long you've probably been there or seen it at some time...

  • The lovely mare you thought you knew becomes the nightmare. In desperation even the professionals start suggesting dodgy methods of getting that ******* horse into (or out of) the horse-box.
  • The class at the local show, which you've been practising for for ages, goes on with out you because your horse is just NOT going into that trailer!

  • Your last farewell, as a loved companion goes off to a new home, is traumatised by hours of trying to get him to load. The new owner anxiously awaits his arrival, wondering if they bought the right horse after all.
  • Get Eddy's trailer loading course and find out how to load easily and without stress.

    Who is Eddy Modde?

    Eddy Modde is a professional horse trainer specialising in trailer loading. After 9 years as a Parelli Natural Horsemanship professional he realised how many people have trouble trailer loading horses. He decided to become an ambassador for the safe and comfortable loading and transportation of horses. He's helped many horse owners to load their horses and has personally loaded more than a thousand horses. Now he's produced an online video course to help you with trailer loading your horse.

    Loading the Scared Horse

    One thing is for sure: horses - even little ones - are stronger than you are! Loading the scared horse is not a matter of brute force - you can't shove it, push it or carry it on to the trailer!

    Trailer loading a horse by force can be extremely dangerous to everyone involved, as well as to the horse itself. If you somehow eventually succeed in getting the horse loaded you will be transporting a sacred and worked up horse, which itself can be a hazardous thing to do.

    Horses aren't born knowing how to load and they don't automatically accept the horse-box as a place they're going to be. They don't refuse to load out of bloody mindedness. They do so either because they've learnt bad habits or because they're unsure about the safety of it, or because they're down right scared of being in a trailer. You are the one who must give him or her confidence - you're (hopefully) the one they look to for reassurance. You need to take time preparing for trailer loading your horse - it needs to be a part of your training routine.

    If you too want to be trailer loading your horse easily and without stress then get Eddy's video course to show you how.

    Get Eddy's trailer loading course and find out how to load easily and without stress.