Equine Genetics: Beyond the Basics

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"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it comprehensive, well researched, very up to date with current scientific knowledge on horse genetics and explained in such a way that this course suits both the keen novice as well as those with a good background in this area. Glynis is always quick to reply, very helpful in her comments and willing to answer any questions."

Priscilla Lawrence
Former Student, Australia

Five equine genetics modules at a high standard of education for students of any age. Students then complete the course with a project of their choosing. You do not have to have recently been in full time education to take this diploma.

A Level 3 Course, as determined by the UK government:

"- ability to gain or apply a range of knowledge, skills and understanding, at a detailed level

- appropriate if you plan to go to university, work independently, or (in some cases) supervise and train others in their field of work"

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“Dr Glynis ... is an experienced and effective teacher, and I strongly recommend her as a tutor of horse genetics."

Dr Glyn Jenkins
Senior Lecturer,
Aberystwyth University

  • Master the essential fundamentals of inheritance and then progress to modified and complex inheritance.
  • Avoid the mistakes that many enthusiasts make when trying to predict the inheritance of foal colors and genetic disorders.
  • Learn how different characters are inherited together.
  • Understand more about how complex characters, like behaviour and performance, are inherited.
  • Learn how genetic methods can help with horse conservation, as well as the development of veterinary medicine. Understand more about equine genetic disorders and genetic testing.
  • Really get to grips with the genetics of horse colors and patterns.
  • Understand pedigrees and how ancestors influence a horses genetic make-up. Learn how inbreeding, outbreeding and line-breeding affect the genetic health of horses, from individuals to breeds.
  • Enjoy completing a project of your own on any particular equine genetics topic that fires your interest.

"I have known Glynis for many years while she was a research student studying for her PhD, and later as member of staff teaching students and as a co-author with myself for a textbook on genetics, in Aberystwyth University. She is one of those very rare people who have a complete understanding of the science of genetics, and with a particular enthusiasm for all aspects of the genetics of horses. She is also an excellent communicator, in both the spoken and the written word."

Neil Jones
Professor Emeritus, Genetics

If you're not ready for a diploma course why not learn the essentials of equine genetics from this guide.