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Horse Books for Sale

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Over 40 horse books for sale of various kinds. Many in excellent condition.

Please send me a message if you want a book.

I can often deliver locally - around the Aberystwyth area - please ask.

I can post books if you pay postage at cost.


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paperback - very good condition - £2

Stage 2 BHS

paperback - very good condition - £5

 The Caspian Horse

Very good condition hardback - £4

paperback - very good condition - £2

The Caspian Horse

paperback - very good condition - £2

The Caspian Horse is a charismatic, intelligent and versatile little horse, which has survived throughout many centuries of turbulent history. Existing only in small numbers, the breed has now been recognised as holding an ancestral position in the history of the horse, in all probability preceding that of the Arab horse. Dating back to the second millennium BC, but thought to have been extinct for over 1,000 years, the Caspian was rediscovered in 1965 on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea. The tiny horses proved to be brilliant riding and show jumping mounts for children and small adults, and elegant driving horses. The intervention of HRH Prince Phillip and the persistence of a handful of breeders in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, ensured that, by the time of the Iranian Revolution, sufficient bloodlines to maintain the breed existed outside Iran. The new regime has now accepted the Caspian as a national treasure and built up a breeding herd in Iran, where remnant feral stock are now sought and nurtured. Since 1994 demand from the United States has boosted breeding numbers, which should ensure the future of the breed. Caspians now also exist in France, Belgium, Norway and Sweden.

Living With Horse Power

Very good condition hardback. £6

Learning to Ride as an Adult

Very good condition hardback £6

Learning to Ride as an Adult: The usual daily stress of modern living means adults, and very often even adolescents, adopt tensed-up and faulty postures, which have a particularly negative effects on the horse. Here is a modern riding manual which has a completely new training concept specifically designed to counteract this problem. * A perfect loosening-up programme, with relaxes and eases. * Complex rider's movements are separated into individual movements for ease of practice. * These swinging circles can be practiced in day-to-day situations as well as on the physio-ball - the substitute horse. Erika Prockl is a certified riding instructor. This 'swinging' training programme she has developed in co-operation with Eva Sogl, a well-known dressage instructor, has been applied successfully for several years.


Very good condition hardback. £6

Some gorgeous photos.

Using simple explanations and numerous illustrations, this book sets out to help horse owners, riders and trainers design simple and effective rations for all types of horse and pony, from riding school cobs to three day event horses.

Very Good Condition £4

Western Practice Lessons

very good condition £7


Very good condition

paperback £2


Very good condition

paperback £2

Problem-Solving 2 is a continuation of Volume I with chapters covering problems such as those surrounding halter-breaking, bridling, saddling, mounting, hoof and leg handling, trail riding and many others. 231 pages.

In very good condition - £7.

Excellent Book

Good condition £5

Western Practice Lessons: Ride Like a Champion, Improve Communication with Your Horse, Train in a Progressive Plan, Refine Your Performance (Horse Wise Guides) Paperback

very good condition - £7

By the great Marlene McRae. Imported hardback book in good condition. £5

Aimed at the progressive schooling of both horse and rider, this book includes the learning environment, correct positioning, using aids, suppleness and balance, movements and exercises, roadwork and schooling for jumping.

 Very good condition hardback £4

Modern Horse Breeding

Very good condition hardback - £6


Very good condition hardback

large book

cost £25 new, sell for £10+

Cowboy Gear

very good condition

paperback £2

Saddle Fitting

Very good condition

paperback £2

Simple Steps To Riding Success

Very good condition

hardback - £7

With this pocket-sized guide in hand, you'll find it easy to develop and perfect your English riding skills. Cherry Hill's exercises will help you develop rider balance, find a steady rhythm, establish energetic forward movement, maintain left to right balance, learn the gaits, learn transitions, and begin bending work.

Very good condition - pocket sized guide, for a reasonably large pocket! £2

 Very good condition book by the great reiner and horseman Al Dunning - £7

A groundbreaking book that enables horse and rider to overcome athletic limitations through correct care and positive energy, it teaches the rider, owner, and trainer how to improve the general ability and performance of any horse, regardless of age, conformation, or athletic ability. The emphasis throughout is on what can be achieved through correct care, training, and riding, with a special focus on how to acknowledge your horse’s limitations and make the most of his talents. Through a studied evaluation of competitive aspirations and personal expectations, the author shows how owners, riders, and trainers can affect their horse’s capabilities, helping him to overcome his physical limitations and enhancing their own enjoyment with a happier, healthier mount. A fascinating, immensely practical book that will benefit all equestrians.

Very good condition hardback £7

A great read in good condition. £5