Gorgeous American Quarter Horse mare for long term loan or sale in the UK due to personal circumstances

Smart Little Emily (aka Tyra) - Imported from the USA

Now Sold to a Lovely Home

97% Foundation bred

Lovely conformation

sire: Troubles A Perking
dam: Mistys Badger

her pedigree is loaded with foundation bloodlines and includes:

* All time cutting sire Smart Little Lena

*Smart and Trouble a NCHA money-earner, Performance Point earner and producer of champions

*Outstanding cutting mare Poco Lena, King, Grey Badger II and Peppy San

When she arrived here - after her flight to Amsterdam, ferry to the UK and drive to West Wales she was as cool as a cucumber. It was raining (as often it does up here in the Welsh hills) and getting dark. The lorry couldn't get to the stables and I had to lead her back in the headlights of my dads car for about a mile and a half - what an arrival!

For sale or loan. The likelihood of me being able to have her back in the next few years does not seem to be high, so a sale would be better. I'd love her to go to an enthusiast with experience, for riding and/or breeding. Main thing is that you look after her. If she goes on loan you should have your own insurance while she's with you. (Not expecting disaster, just being cautious). Tyra hasn't been ridden for quite some time so will need someone experienced to bring her back into work. She went to a loan home but they have decided they must give up their horse breeding business, so now she has to move.

I bought Tyra with the intention of keeping her forever, of breeding smaller (but quality) horses, so that children could enjoy QHs too! Then of passing her to my son when he's old enough. I am now facing a divorce, so things obviously aren't going as planned. I've already sold my other horses.

* gorgeous chestnut mare
* born 2000
* approx 14hh
* 97% Foundation bred
* trail ridden in Texas & Wales
* kind natured
* intelligent and sensitive
*registered AQHA,

Tested Negative for PSSM, HYPP and HERDA


sweet little mare


Like her famous great grandad Smart Little Lena Tyra is a lot of horse for her height, and is easily suitable for adults!

Good to box and with farrier, vet etc.

Tyra is a sweet gentle natured horse. Being cow bred she is intelligent and naturally atheletic. She quickly picked up a few simple "tricks", like saying yes, smiling and standing on the pedestal while I am mounted and waving a flag around her ears!

Tyra has the potential to be a trail or performance horse. Given her wonderful breeding she is also a superb brood mare prospect. I think she will maybe need to be given some training to bring back into regular work, given how little she's done in the last few years. She's naturally a very athletic horse, quick of mind and body and typical of cow bred horses. I think she would need someone with experience to bring her on for riding or competition.