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Horses are truely a passion. Sometimes described as a hobby, they do have a habit of becoming more of a "way of life"!

There was a time when horsepower was an important economic asset. For transport, for farming, ponies in the mines (saddly), and for warfare (even more saddly). Even for meat and milk, especially early after their domestication. In much of the world their economic value nowadays is largely confined to their use in the leisure industry, and in racing. From their role as being a servant it now often seems to be firmly the other way around!

Now that they are technologically obsolete, few of us get much in the way of monetary returns for our equestrian activities. Infact most of us get the exact opposite - equine activities are certainly not cheap! By and large it's not a way to get rich and famous, and whichever equestrian hobby you happen to take up it is hard work.

And yet the enchantment of horses is enduring. People of all ages can be bitten by the bug: you are never too young or too old! While I was pregnant with my son James my dad took up the training of my filly Kitty, and they now have a bond. Many people learn to ride in their forties and fifties, and continue to ride and train horses well into retirement, as indeed my next door neighbour has.

James first went on my half-Arab mare Bess at 18 months old. I will never forget when he was just 2 years old, wondering if our mares were eating stones when they were grazing. He picked up a nice big one and offered it to Kitty, who happened to be nearest! Needless to say Kitty wasn't at all sure why this little boy was trying to feed her stones, when carrots seemed much more appropriate!

Later, just after James had learnt to run around, he ran between the three mares, who had decided to role! Much to my then horror he got down and had a role too - he must have thought it looked fun! Somehow the mares always seemed to know though, and treated him quite gently, sensing he was "special".

Learning to communicate and have compassion for another species, the challenges and excitements of riding and training, or the delights of breeding a new foal - these beautiful creatures capture our hearts and minds with their grace, athleticism and sensitivity. In some ways simple, in some ways complex. Understanding and appreciating them requires physical, mental and emotional challenges, but gives out much happiness and a huge sense of achievement

Although this web site has only been started for two weeks (on the evening of 17th September 2009) there are already over 70 articles on various topics: riding, breeds and breeding, care, saddlery, training and genetics. I hope you will enjoy some of the articles on the site, and find them useful too. You can expect this site to continue to grow substantially for quite some time to come, so keep checking back for more!

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