Essay Writing: how to write an essay

This site is full of essay writing tips and advice, including for writing essays of any type and on any topic. It is written for anyone who wants to learn how to write an essay. There's something here for you, whether you're writing a scholarship essay, school or college assignments or essays for exams.

I have produced the site bearing in mind my experiences gathered over many years of teaching and examining university students. I found that many students, even at university level, were still unsure about getting the best from their essay writing. This was not through a lack of motivation or enthusiasm as students, but just because they'd never really been taught how to write an essay. I've learned a lot about writing myself and am a published author of scientific and popular magazine articles, reviews and book chapters, as well as being a co-author of a book.

In my experience most degree and college level students believe they know what essays are, and they think they know how to write them. Indeed some do it well, but many others don't really have the grasp of what it takes to write well. It's sad that many otherwise intelligent students let themselves down, gaining marks below their potential, because they don't really know how to write an essay. They typically make and remake various particular errors, and I've pointed out the most common mistakes, so that you might avoid them. It was during my efforts to help my own students to produce better assignment essays that I had the idea that a website might also help others who were struggling, or who just wanted essay writing tips to help them improve their grades.

Here you can learn the importance of good preparation to producing good quality work. Learn also about the writing process itself, as well as editing and referencing your work. A summary of the most important points and tips is provided as an aide memoir and an example essay is provided on "How to write an essay"! Start here now to learn about the three essential steps of essay writing.

I hope that once you've mastered the basics of how to write an essay you'll find writing fun, as I do.

I wish you all the best!