Rare bay “silver dapple” Morgan colt Unconventional

Rare bay “silver dapple” Morgan colt Unconventional

This bay “silver dapple” colt, foaled in February 2006 is #13 on a very short list of 13 Morgan horses confirmed to have the silver dapple gene. He was born overdue, preventing his owner from attending the 2006 American Morgan Horse Association Convention, and so earning his name of "UnConventional”, which is appropriate for more reasons than one! "Connor" is described as being a friendly colt, calm and methodical and very smart. He was found to be heterozygous for black (Ee) and agouti (Aa) , and has not inherited his sire's cream. Thanks to his owner Laura Behning for sharing this picture with us.

Connor was born to a silver dapple mare, Foxton Frosty Dawn who is homozygous for black, so he cannot be chestnut (see the mare on this page). His mane. is a gunmetal gray-brown, not black as it would be if he was a bay without the silver gene. All of the areas that would be black on a bay foal- mane, tail, eyelashes and eartips- have been diluted by the silver gene. His hocks and knees, which would be a silvery gray if he were bay, are instead pale chocolate because the darker hair has been diluted by the silver gene. After he sheds his foal coat, his lower legs will be some shade of chocolate instead of black. His body color will remain rather reddish.

Because this colt is closely related to three of her four broodmares Laura is selling Connor. If you are interested in being one of a tiny handful of breeders in the world who own, breed and stand at stud a rare silver dapple Morgan stallion, this could be your chance.

Drop Laura an email at morgans@mindspring.com.

website: http://www.brookridgemorgans.com/2006colt.htm

Lauras Morgan Colors website: http://colormorgans.tripod.com/colorful.htm