Your horse can have a stunning tail and mane.

How to make hair grow faster to stimulate mane and tail growth.

what a fabulous mane Ever noticed how a luscious tail and mane can make even an unremarkable horse look stunning? How a horse with long flowing locks catches the eye as it trots around the ring, attracting the attention of spectators, press and judges? Or how much horsey art features galloping horses, with their manes and tails streaming behind? Have you ever wished your horse had a mane and tail like that?

Did you ever try to grow your horses mane long, only to give it up later as a hopeless job? Do you think that your horse has a short, thin or scraggly mane and/or tail and that's how it's going to be, forever?

Do you imagine that mane and tail growth is "in the genes", and there's nothing you can do to make hair grow faster? Well there is something simple you CAN do, if you know how.

Thanks to the efforts and research of Beth Moore your horse can have a beautiful luxurious tail and mane, just as long as you want it! What's more - since her method works on humans - you could have longer locks too! You can learn how to make hair grow faster for a beautiful tail and mane ON YOUR HORSE.

Although many horses don't have a naturally long mane and tail Beth discovered is simple way to help them grow! Following her method you can quickly grow a long, luxurious mane and tail on any horse. Take her tips on caring for and grooming them, to keep them long and beautiful.

One top tip is to throw away your mane and tail comb! These do more damage than anything else in your grooming kit, damaging and removing hair that has taken months to grow.

Besides stimulating mane and tail growth you can learn how to make hair grow faster to cover bare patches from blanket or rug rub and even sweet-itch.

Dear Beth,

Here are pictures of Morpheus my Irish Tinker Horse. I'm very happy with your course because Morpheus had sweet itch. He scratched all his mane out and then his skin bled, and then he was even MORE troubled by insects. Here is Morpheus on April 10th with his tail down to the ground, and his mane coming in just as thick as his tail.

Thank you so much!

Slyvia Clements -Bussum North Holland, Holland

A few of the advantages of using Beth's hair growth method include:

  • Stimulate mane and tail growth to help grow hair fast. Eliminate tail and mane blanket or rug rub, which so often occurs in winter whatever rug you try. It worked great on my horses!
  • Even a relatively plain horse can look stunning, sporting its fabulous mane and tail. Forget about horse hair tail extensions or fake tails, stimulate natural mane and tail growth. It's so much nicer to have naturally long hair!
  • Get the judges attention and win more ribbons. It's human nature for the eye to pay more attention to what it finds beautiful! Some owners found that once their horses were sporting their new mane and tail they were getting passed over less often - suddenly the judges were taking more notice.
  • Give your stallion even more wow factor! Mare owners have plenty of choice these days, but you can give your stallion an extra edge.
  • Get free publicity from media attention - make your horse the one they want to take photos of. For Beth it was a way of getting professional photos for free!
  • Increase the value of your horses - their beauty, their showing prospects and their saleability. See the videos below and photos for some stunning examples of what's possible. get several extra free bonuses if you order today. I really loved the section on teaching your horses tricks - it's really not as hard as you might imagine. People take notice of a horse that can do even a few simple tricks, plus it can develop your horses thinking and athletic ability (depending on the trick). I've taught various horses and ponies to do simple tricks. From personal experience I know it can give a horse an "edge" if they are being sold.

This is a really great little package of helpful hints and methods for any horse owner, but don't just take my word for it. Check it out yourself for a beautiful tail and mane and much more.

mane and tail hair growth

help grow hair fast - your horse can have a beautiful long tail and mane too!

Watch the fabulous video below - see the lovely horses with their beautiful manes and tails, then check it out for yourself.

Mane and Tail Photo Gallery

growing long hair

help hair grow fast

Apparently it works on humans too. I've always wanted to know how to make hair grow faster and thicker, but my thin weak hair just never quite makes it. Growing really long hair has never seemed to work for me - it just looks a mess by a certain length and never seems to get longer. So watch this space! Why should the horses be the only one with luxurious long manes :)

Beth's horses are not the only ones to have beautiful long hair

Find out how to make hair grow faster, get Beths course now.

Your horses can have beautiful tails and manes too!

Learn how to grow beautiful tails and manes for your own horses

you too can have horses with stunning manes and tails...

Find out how to have horses with beautiful manes and tails. Get several extra free bonuses if you order today. For more pictures and another video visit here.

Tail and Mane Photo Gallery

Keeping Your Horses Mane and Tail Beautiful