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SBI! CTPM Process It's pretty easy to make your own website and you could create a business website with a bit of effort. Unfortunately millions of websites and blogs disappear into oblivion, becoming the dim and unvisited stars of cyberspace. Some look fabulous, some have great content, but they're far away from being found on any search engine, or by anyone their owners don't personally direct their way. You could put in a load of effort to produce an aesthetically dazzling disappointment: a work of art hardly anyone ever sees. Or you could follow the SBI! method and make a website that works for you. You, like me, could create a business website that is successful.

Josephine and her beautiful and talented Andalusian horses. See how a tech newcomer was able to create a business website for her horse business. It's truly inspirational.

A real touch of magic!

create a business website that works During my adventures on the internet over many years I’ve got a website that regularly makes the number one and two spots in Google for it’s keywords. What’s more I now find it easier than ever to get my mini-sites and web-2 pages indexed and visited than ever I did before.

As luck (and a fair bit of research) would have it I found a site building software company called SBI! (Site Build It!). I had no idea how I’d get on at the time, but I liked that it seemed to be an all-in-one step-by-step system of process and software. It might even help me to create a business website that was successful, if anything could. It seemed to be what I was looking for, so I crossed my fingers and signed up!

I’ve become more enamoured of SBI! as time has gone on, as I have realised that, just for once, the reality matched the hype. It's the one I'd recommend to friends and relatives wanting to create a business website.

You can use SBI! to design a website as snazzy or as simple as you like – fancy designs and lots of pretty graphics and photos, or clean and simple.

Mynew SBI! website looks the part and I plan to start another SBI! website later in the year. Eventually I'll migrate most of my other online stuff to SBI! Take a look at my visitor numbers for the first website I started with SBI! … see how they’ve grown and continue to grow.

What I really like about SBI! is the step-by-step guidance through the whole process of planning, creating and promoting your website and business. There are videos, written guides and forums on everything you need to know. They show you what to do, when and using what tools. They demystify what could otherwise take a long time to work out for yourself. They save you from either having to do extensive research and taking a long time, with almost inevitable struggles along the way, or from just giving up. They save you from having to buy lots of tools, services and "how to" guides, many of which probably wouldn't work properly (if at all - I've tried quite a few like that!). If you want to know something specific the help desk staff are really fast at replying to “help tickets”, as well as being cheerful and polite.

Read on to learn from my experiences (and mistakes!) in cyberspace and for FREE COURSES to help you create a business website, or just make your own website that works.

WAHM Masters CourseIf you want an on-line presence for your offline business, or if you want create a website business, then you'll need to know how to create your own successful website.

You might be a work at home mum wanting to create a business website, in your spare time and at the times that suit you best. I know just how you feel! Maybe you’re a student looking to earn a bit of cash to help you through college or university, you might create an affiliate website, for example. You might have an existing business and want to create a small business website, or maybe you want to create a business website for a client. Perhaps you're retired and would like to create a business website around your hobby or particular knowledge - have fun and supplement your income at the same time.

Why not try one (or more) of these free comprehensive and well-written courses… Click a link to start reading a free course, or right-click to download it for reading or printing off-line."


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Netwriting Masters Course
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You could make a website for free, there is some free website building software out there that can be good for small personal websites, to share photos or for a hobby site.

I started out in 2004, developing my first hobby website, Hammy's Hoard, using Homestead – which allowed me to make a free website at the time. It was pretty easy and I made a lovely looking site with loads of photos and what then seemed like lots of pages. I was quite proud of it - it looked great!

Then they suddenly started charging - just when I'd put up so much stuff I didn’t want to (or really know how to) transfer it to free website building software elsewhere. Finally, due to a series of failures of communication with them, I lost my site completely. They just didn't respond to several messages I sent them asking them how to sort my account out. I was an internet newbie back then, but even so anyone should expect better service than that. So I can’t really recommend them, though they might have improved in the intervening time I guess.

Free SiteSell E-booksAlthough the whole experience of losing Hammy’s Hoard was a big disappointment - I wasted lots of time and effort and lost my site – I was impressed by what could potentially be done and not deterred from my plan to create a business website.

SiteSell ServicesPerhaps you've been looking at small business web site hosting and have considered getting someone else to do it for you, because you don't have time, know-how or inclination. I know a couple of people who did this but regretted it. They felt they lost control of what and how their information was displayed, as well as the updating process. Plus the web builders did just that, with no proper research or website seo, so that their great looking websites still need traffic. A website or blog is not a business! When you get someone to create a business website for you you're almost giving them the easiest part of the job! It's the research and planning, and the website seo, that determines if your website will live or die! If you're in the situation where don't want to create a business website for yourself, or if you have a great looking website with little traffic, then I suggest you get things done the right way, and I recommend using SiteSell Services.

You could jump straight in and start, right now, and make your own website. From experience I know there are certain things that you could usefully know beforehand, if you want to save very much time and potentially a lot of expense. If you want yours to be up there with the best web sites, you need to create your own successful website that people actually find. You need to create a powerful new website that is favoured by both people and the search engines: you want to know how to create a website that works.

A website or blog is not a business. It is more like a "place of business", and however nice a property you have for a shop that alone doesn't sell the produce! Websites and blogs aren't properly constructed e-businesses per se.

Special SiteSell PromotionI've tried using other free website building software, most recently Weebly. You can create a website for free using Weebly, in fact the first two are for free (after which you pay). The good thing about Weebly is that you can make a free website that looks pretty. Unfortunately I’ve found their free website building software to be a bit unstable, and I got fed up with re-building bits of my sites again, and often again and again and again. I now have 17 years experience and this would probably disconcert less experienced people even more than it did I. Although I won't abandon the two sites I’ve put up with Weebly yet I'd not bother signing up with them, or encourage newbie friends to build free sites with them. I’m not looking forward to expanding either site, and I may well eventually migrate the bigger one of them over to Solo Build It!, while leaving the other one "as is".

Solo Build It Video Tour! WordPress, arguably the best of the bunch of free website building software, especially if you want to put up a blog. It has a good reputation and is stable, as far as I could tell – I tried it out for myself a couple of times. You can make your own website and could even create a business website with WrodPress, although it’s easier to make a blog.

WordPress, like most other hosts and site building software, is best used with other tools, and you're best off if you're already fairly technical and know a reasonable amount about website seo (search engine optimisation). Otherwise you could end up with “just another website or blog” that attracts almost no-one.

Solo Build It! CTPM Process The trouble is if you want to create a business website and you plan to make a free website or blog then you're going to need to learn a fair bit of technical stuff for yourself. Even if you start with reputable small business web site hosting, like IX, you are only a fraction of the way to where you want to be. Putting up the site should be relatively easy, although even that depends on free website building software you end up with. In a nutshell it's relatively easy to make your own website, including to create a website for free, but it’s harder to create your own successful website.

So what do you do if you want to create a business website and website traffic the proper way? You could wade through tons of articles and courses, and spend time and money working out what works. Expect it to take time, probably several years to be really successful, and expect some, perhaps many frustrations and failures along the way. If you go this route and stick at it for any amount of time you will probably (almost certainly!) spend money you didn’t really expect to. You will also almost certainly find that some great sounding systems or software just don't work as indicated in the advertising hype. I've bought my share of them in my time - they sound so great before you buy them. Keyword analysers, text spinners, link builders, article marketing submitters, Warrior Forum offers and a whole lot more… be sceptical and wary! If you’re considering trying this route then try starting with one (or more) of these free comprehensive and well-written courses Click a link to start reading a free Masters Course, or right-click to download it for reading or printing off-line."

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  • It's not really a case of which software you choose to build a site or blog with (as long as it's stable, and as we've seen not all of it is). Nor does it matter too much which web host keeps it for you, as long as they keep your site online at least 99.9% of the time! Much more important things are how thoroughly you plan your website, how you organize and optimise your website, how effective your site is with both people and search engines and how you monetize your visitors. None of these are trivial matters.

    fit your work to your own schedule

    A friend recommended a small business web site hosting company called IX Webhosting and I stiil have an account with them. I agree with him that it’s useful if you already know how to create a business website and have some experience of website seo. Their resident site building software is quite nice but it does have a few bugs and the help for this is almost non-existent because this aspect of their service they got from someone else. I got the impression they got free website building software from somewhere else while they concentrate on the hosting side of things, but I don't know for sure. I've tried using their help systems for other issues on various occasions and have had very mixed results – sometimes they were helpful, sometimes they were no help at all. On the other hand if you largely know what you’re doing and need to maintain a lot of sites for some reason their service is reasonably inexpensive. In my opinion they’re OK if you’re experienced but probably not so good if you’re a newbie and want to create a business website.

    Solo Build It! CTPM ProcessEven when I create a free website, create a business website with IX or create a web-2 page (such as on Squidoo or Facebook) I start by doing my keyword research and page optimisation with the Solo Build It! software. That way I give each new page the best possible chance. Solo Build It! provides my research, analysis and optimisation tools for all the work I do on-line. Just as a little tip, if you are doing website promotion, don't forget to use Twitter. For ages I didn't bother, but now I regularly Tweet web pages, and I regularly get new visitors from it.

    I've never seen anything else that comes close to matching Solo Build It! To do the same on your own would involve a lot of research, and navigating your way through a minefield of dodgy products and guides that fall short of the promises made about them. Everything you need is included. No need to buy "how to guides" or do lots of research for yourself: no need to reinvent the wheel! There's a wealth of relevant information and you're guided to it at the right time - just when you need it, at the right point of the process – so you don’t get overwhelmed or “lost”. No other software or other tools are required, saving you hours of trying to find out what to do and then finding reasonably priced suitable software to do it.  It's easy to create yourself a website but Solo Build It! is about guiding you to create a business website that works, not just a website or blog that disappears into the black-hole of cyberspace, along with millions of others.

    To me Solo Build It! has the best tools and guides to create a business website that actually works.